connecting your utilities

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Supplier: WINenergy (or your preferred retailer)

The electricity to your apartment is supplied via a private embedded electricity network. Your Owners Corporation has engaged WINenergy to manage this embedded network on their behalf. Contact WINenergy or your preferred electricity retailer to arrange connection of electricity, or to update billing records. To turn power on in your apartment make sure that all circuit breakers and the main switch are in the on or up position. The switchboard is typically located in the entry area of your apartment. For additional information regarding connection details and the embedded electrical network, please see this attachment and refer to Appendix G of your Apartment Manual.

Gas Stove

Supplier: n/a (covered by Owners Corporation fees)

Gas is supplied to the cook top only. To turn gas on, open the isolation valve located behind the kitchen drawers to the left or right of the oven. To turn gas on/off for day-to-day use, use the knob located on the cook top. There is no need to make billing arrangements, as this charge will be covered in the Owners Corporation fees.

Cold Water

Supplier: City West Water | Ph 13 16 91

The water meters and stop valves for the cold water supply are located in the service cupboard in the hallway of your apartment floor. Each stop valve is labelled with the appropriate apartment number. The cupboard is kept locked, therefore if your require access to isolate supply for any reason, please contact Binks & Associates.

City West Water is the supplier of water to your apartment. Please call 13 16 91 to update your billing records.

Hot Water

Supplier: Origin Energy | Ph 1300 734 533

The hot water supplied to your apartment is provided by a centralised gas-fired hot water system. The hot water is constantly recirculated throughout the building to ensure that the waiting time for hot water is kept to a minimum. You will be billed for the quantity of hot water used in your apartment. The hot water meter is located in the corridor service cupboards and is labelled with the relevant apartment number. If your require access to isolate supply for any reason, please contact Binks & Associates.

Occupiers are responsible to pay for the gas they use to heat water. There are individual hot water meters for each apartment, which are read to ascertain the gas used to heat the water.This account must be set up with Origin Energy. New residents should complete the attached form and email to to avoid the supply to the apartment being disconnected. Alternatively, residents can call 1300 734 533 and open an account over the phone


The apartment is set up to receive Free-to-air TV and Pay TV. If you experience a fault with your television signal please notify Binks & Associates.

Pay TV Outlet

Supplier: Foxtel | Ph 1300 785 622

A Pay TV outlet has been installed in each apartment adjacent to the free to air MATV outlet. These are located in the living room and master bedroom. To arrange for connection please contact; Foxtel: 1300 785 622.

Data/Internet and Telephone

Suppliers: OptiComm & NBN

The Riviere development is serviced by two internet wholesalers:



Follow this process to organise your internet connection:

1. choose an internet service provider, such as Telstra, Foxtel, from their service provider web page links above

2. contact the service provider and organise a connection for your apartment 

3. your chosen service provider will then liaise with either Opticomm or NBN to make the connection to your apartment. Ensure they send you the modem first, unless you already have one.

4. ask for the company name, the technicians name and contact mobile number and provide the information to Binks Management at least 48 hours in  advance, so that access can be approved. This is important, to ensure the provider has access.