hot water

An FAQ regarding the hot water supply to your apartment

How does the hot water get to my apartment?

A bulk hot water package controlled by circulation pumps is located on the roof of each building and each package provides hot water to their respective buildings only.

A flow and return line is located in the services riser cupboard of each building. This is controlled via balancing valves. An individual hot water meter for each apartment is located in these service cupboards. Each hot water meter comprises of a pressure limiting valve, isolation valves and individual meters for each apartment.

Cold water supply coming in from the street, runs through a RPZD (backflow device to prevent contamination) then continues on to the Constant Pressure Pumps. After these pumps, the water then moves on and supplies each building via the riser in the services cupboard. Each floor has a cold water manifold that also has a pressure limiting valve, isolation valves and individual meters for each apartment. Each riser also continues up to the hot water packages on the roof.

Who is responsible for the hot water supply?
The boundary between OC and owner’s responsibility is the meter to the apartment. Anything between the meter and the apartment is the owner’s responsibility.

The supply lines from the cold water and hot water meters to the individual apartment fixtures, are the responsibility of the apartment owner. Located within the apartment is a tempering valve that controls the mix of temperature between hot and cold (to prevent scalding), and pressure limiting valves that controls the incoming pressure of the cold and hot water. Although the hot water plant has, at times, had issues, these have all been resolved and closely monitored. The OC ensures routine servicing on the equipment is carried out regularly.

Sometimes we experience fluctuating hot water temperature, in the shower. Why?
Inconsistent and fluctuating hot water temperature (even without operating the shower value) may be caused by one of two problems: a failing tempering value within the apartment, or a more systemic problem outside of the apartment. To troubleshoot the cause, follow these steps:

When experiencing fluctuation in the hot water temperature (or, no hot water runs) in the shower, run the kitchen sink taps to see if the same issue is experienced with the kitchen sink tap, simultaneously. If the water temperature also fluctuates in the kitchen, it is a PLV or other building issue in which case, please report to the managing Real Estate agent (for tenants) or to Binks Managing agent (owners). However, in the case of a building issue, a group of apartments, an entire floor, or the whole building would be impacted.

If it does not fluctuate, the fault is with the tempering valve in your apartment (which may be located in the bathroom ceiling). Residents who have previously reported similar issues have advised that the fluctuations were resolved once the tempering and pressure limiting valves within the apartment were checked and replaced. The maintenance and replacement of these valves is a private cost and the responsibility of the lot owner. The OC suggests engaging RCI Services for this work, given that they are familiar with the development. However, any plumber can do this work in the apartment.

Sometimes it takes a long time for hot water to run from our taps. Why?
Water goes through a loop, from the heaters on the roof to the apartment. This invariably results in a delay for hot water to start running. This cannot be remediated.