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Your apartment has been constructed from quality materials to provide years of durability. Insufficient cleaning or use of inappropriate cleaning materials can ruin the surface of many of the materials, fixtures and fittings in your apartment.

Windows and Doors

Tracks and rollers should be regularly cleaned for ease of use. The architraves are not a structural item and are not designed to have heavy loads fixed to them. All internal windows and doors should be cleaned by the resident. All external windows that cannot be accessed from the apartment will be the responsibility of the Owners Corporation.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings

To keep your bathroom fittings looking their best, avoid strong abrasive cleaners on baths, basins toilets, etc, as they can damage, dull or stain the surface. Use mild household cleaners and plenty of water. Check instructions on all cleaning products before use.


Laminates to kitchen cupboards should be cleaned regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching and damage to the surface.

 Floor and Wall Tiles

Only use recommended products to clean floors and wall tiles, always read instructions. Avoid heavy-duty abrasive cleaners. Regular cleaning is advised. As soft bristle brush can be used to clean grout areas. For further information, please refer to Appendix E – Tile & Stone Care.


Your apartment has been fitted with Essa stone bench tops. For further information, please refer to Appendix E – Tile & Stone Care.


The air-conditioning system is a reverse cycle air-conditioner with the condenser located in either the carpark or on the building roof. A remote control is supplied with the system, for the ease of use around the apartment. The operating instructions are included in the Appendix B of this manual. Please make yourself aware of the maintenance requirements for this system.

Light Globes

Your apartment is fitted with halogen and fluorescent lighting. Halogen is an energy efficient and low energy form of lighting. Fluorescent lights are a very efficient type of light and typically use 20% of the electricity an incandescent light globes uses.

Your light fittings contain light globes of an appropriate wattage. Signage inside the fitting states the maximum wattage rating. It is important these are not exceeded to avoid overheating of the fitting. Unbroken fluorescent light globes can be recycled, please visit the Flurocycle website for additional information.

Please ensure that you purchase energy efficient light globes when replacing the globes. Please note that light globes are not a warranty item.


It is important to clean painted surfaces occasionally. Avoid using excessive water and never use an abrasive cleaner or scourers. A wipe-over with a damp cloth is usually adequate. Specialised cleaners for removing marks from paintwork are sold in major supermarkets.

Please refer to Appendix A for paint colours.


Condensation may occur when the air temperature inside the apartment is greater than that outside. A common cause of condensation is drying your clothes inside and leaving the windows closed.

To prevent condensation:

  • Open windows in dry weather
  • Use the exhaust fan in your bathroom and kitchen
  • Leave bathroom doors open whenever possible

Bathroom/Ensuite Exhaust System

The bathroom of your apartment is mechanically ventilated by an extraction fan mounted in the ceiling space.

To ensure correct operation of the Exhaust System:

  • Check air-inlets for obstructions at all times
  • Check for correct operation and noise monthly

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks to plasterboard walls and ceilings are not generally deemed to be a defect. Please contact; Binks & Associates: (03) 9536 5700 should you have any concerns about cracks that are significant.


Regular maintenance is required for carpets. Regular vacuum cleaning is recommended for best results. Periodic deep cleaning of carpets is also recommended. This should be carried out by a professional carpet cleaner. Removable mats are recommended at all entrances to carpeted areas so loose dirt is not walked through your apartment. For further information, please refer to Appendix D – Carpets and Timber Flooring Care.

Timber Floors

Regular maintenance is required for timber floors. Please refer to Appendix D – Carpets and Timber Flooring Care.

Appliances and Warranties

All appliances such as your cook top, rangehood, and oven are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you find that an appliance is not working properly or is faulty, please contact the manufacturer. For further information, please refer to Appendix B – Manuals/Maintenance.


Your kitchen is fitted with a Robinhood rangehood above the cook top. The operating instructions are included in the Appendix B of this manual. Ventilation for the rangehood is activated when the rangehood is switched on. The expelled air is taken out of the apartment by ducts in the ceiling space, separate from the bathroom exhaust system.

To ensure correct operation of the rangehood:

  • The aluminium filter must be cleaned at least once a month with soapy water or in a dishwasher;
  • Check mounting for vibrations monthly


The oven supplied with your apartment is a Blanco fan assisted, under-bench electric oven. The operating instructions are included in the Appendix B of this manual. You can isolate the electricity to the oven by switching the circuit breaker off that is located in the switchboard within your apartment.

Energy saving initiatives:

  • Keep the oven doors closed – opening the oven door allows heat to escape
  • Cook several dishes in the oven at once to ensure all the space and heat is being used
  • Turn the oven off a few minutes before removing the food and let the residual heat complete the process

Cook Top

The cook top supplied with your apartment is a Blanco gas cooktop. The operating instructions are included in the Appendix B of this manual.

Energy saving initiatives:

  • Use saucepans with clean flat bottoms to ensure better contact and heat transfer
  • Use the right sized hot plate for the pot – pots and pans should always cover the entire hotplate to minimise energy loss and the flame should not run up the sides
  • Simmer food or water rather than boiling it vigorously, as this uses less energy


The dishwasher supplied with your apartment is a Blanco dishwasher. The operating instructions are included in the Appendix B of this manual.

Dishwasher energy saving initiatives:

  • Only use the dishwasher when it is full
  • Clean the filter regularly
  • Use the economy/water saving option whenever possible

Membrane finish to the balconies

Your apartment balcony is finished with a trafficable membrane. It is critical that your balcony furniture and accessories (i.e. table, chairs, pot plants and the like) do not have any sharp or rough edges that could damage, pierce cut and/or dent the membrane. Please ensure care is taken when installing and/or moving accessories on your balcony. If the membrane is damaged please contact Binks & Associates immediately. Please refer to Appendix – I Balcony Membrane Manual for specific care and maintenance instructions.

Facade Cladding

Where the rusted pre-fabricated facade cladding is installed to you balcony the product is designed to rust and will leach over time. It is important that you regularly clean your balcony membrane to ensure it does not discolour or stain. We also recommend that you do not install or place porous objects on the balcony as they may stain/discolour over time. Please refer to Appendix – I Balcony Membrane Manual for specific care and maintenance instructions.

Planter Boxes

Where planter boxes are installed to your balcony and terrace it is important that they are maintained in accordance with the Owners Corporation rules. It is also a requirement that you seek the Owners Corporation approval before any works are undertaken on the planter box. It is critical when maintaining the planter box that the internal membrane finish is not damaged and / or pierced. If the internal membrane has been pierced or damaged please contact Binks & Associates.

Regular Maintenance

Please note that all of your apartment materials and appliances require regular maintenance and care. Please ensure you follow all maintenance instructions detailed within this document and keep a written record of maintenance carried out. Warranties may be void if maintenance is not carried as required and/or if records are not kept.