DOG OWNER code of conduct

Dogs are welcome at Riviere, providing they are properly managed and the following code of conduct is observed by owners.

  1. Keep your dog on a lead at all times outside of your apartment. Ensure your dog is kept on a lead anywhere within Riviere common areas, including lifts, hallways, building entrances and all areas within the boundaries formed by the property fences.
  2. Take your dog out of Riviere in order to exercise or to relieve itself. Do not allow your dog to foul any of the common area, including the garden area in the centre of the development, or any of the planted borders. This means, do not allow your dog to urinate or defecate in any of these areas. In the event that this happens accidentally, you are expected to remove and clean up any mess immediately.
  3. Do not allow your dog to infringe others’ right to peaceful enjoyment of their property. Train and manage your dog to minimise barking and howling. Naturally, all dogs bark occasionally, but  continual or habitual barking from anywhere within Riviere – including within your apartment – is not acceptable. If necessary, consider the use of training devices such as bark collars.
  4. Respond to neighbours’ concerns and requests. If your neighbour raises a concern or request regarding your dog, for example to limit barking, you are required to take immediate and effective remedial action to manage your dog.

Contact the Owners’ Corporation to report violations of the code of conduct.