riviere green group

Living at Riviere gives residents an amazing opportunity to enjoy being close to nature and wildlife while being within walking distance of some of the most vibrant and exciting urban areas in Australia. In order to ensure that we can continue to enjoy this wonderful environment, and give a little back, Riviere is creating a Green Group, consisting of residents who are interested in setting up and running environmental projects in and around the complex.

Some projects we are working on at the moment include:

  • Helping with the food waste dehydrator trial to ensure it is a success
  • Working with local community groups to plant trees and grasses by the river
  • Setting up shared food gardens in disused planter boxes
  • Picking up rubbish along the riverbank

If you are interested in any of these activities or want to help us to get them up and running then please send an email to greengroup@riviere.com.au. We would love more people to be involved, so please do get in touch!

We’ll also be posting updates on our activities on the Riviere Facebook page so please be sure to start following us!