waste & recycling

Green Group

Riviere has a “Green Group” working on environmental projects in and around the complex. Find out more here!

Waste Room Locations

Hard rubbish, recycling and waste disposal are all located in the waste rooms:

Boiler House, Hank Dye and Cascade: Level B1, under the Boiler house Building
Yarra Building: Level B2, under the Lobby 1 entry
Turner Building: Level 1 

Food Waste Recyling

Compost caddies are available for your kitchen. To obtain one, please email GreenGroup@riviere.net.au 
Riviere, in partnership with the City of Yarra, is participating in a food waste recycling trial. We have installed a Waste Master dehydrator in the bin room, which will turn your unavoidable food waste into clean, green fuel for power generation. Up to 50% of the waste sent to landfill is food waste. When it decomposes without oxygen in landfill, food waste emits methane, which is at least 28 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. By keeping your food waste out of landfill we will be making a significant to our environment. 

Use your kitchen caddy to collect your food scraps, and then take them to the bin room, and place them in the dedicated food waste bins. These will then be emptied into the Waste Master machine by trained volunteers.

What can you put into the Waste Master?
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Cereals including bread, rice and paste
  • Meat and seafood including small bones and seafood shells
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Dairy and eggs
Please remember:
  • Place your food waste in your caddy loose, not in any kind of bag
  • Plastic or compostable bags cannot go into your new waste master
  • Food scraps should always be placed into the system loose
  • Large bones like T-bones, garden waste, cooking oil and pet faeces must NOT go in the Waste Master machine, as they will ruin the machinery.

To learn more about how the Waste Master works, watch this short video for a brief overview:

If you have any questions about the new Waste Master food waste recycler, please email GreenGroup@riviere.net.au

Obviously it would be better to not waste food it in the first place, so, have a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for some great tips on how to reduce your food waste!

Household Waste Bins

Household waste from your apartment should be bagged, bags should be tied and disposed of in the appropriate bins. There are separate bins for recycling and waste disposal. Please ensure you place the correct waste types in each bin, otherwise our rubbish collection may be refused.

Recycling Bins

Recyclable items such as paper, cardboard and recyclable plastic containers must be appropriately cleaned and sorted from general waste prior to disposal.

  • Items placed in the recycling bins must be loose, not bagged.
  • Please place any plastic bags you use to transport recycling, into the regular waste bins. Plastic shopping bags can’t be recycled and will result in recyclable items being sent to landfill.
  • Please cut up all cardboard (especially boxes) before placing them in the recycling bins.
  • Boxes, cartons and containers used for moving must be disposed of by the occupant, and not be left anywhere in the building.
  • Bins must not be filled past the edge, as this means they can’t be emptied.

Hard Rubbish Disposal

The hard waste storage area acts as an exchange point for residents. We encourage residents to re-use and swap the goods stored in the hard waste area.
  • Place all hard waste strictly behind the yellow lines (otherwise our waste bins won’t be able to be emptied).
  • Don’t place any hard rubbish items in the regular waste bins or area.
  • If disposing of a bed, mattress, couch, or fridge, you must book a collection with the City of Yarra – visit their website or call (03) 9205 5555.
  • Please label working fridges as ‘working’ so that others may recover them for use. If not labelled, it will be assumed they are junk.
  • No cardboard boxes to be left in the swap area.
  • No commercial or building waste to be left in the hard rubbish area.
  • No regular waste / unusable items to be left in the hard rubbish area, please place these items in the waste bins.
 The hard rubbish will be collected on an as-needed basis.

Compost Bins

Compost bins have been provided and are located below the podium level on the North side of the cascade building.

Tips to Reduce Household Waste

Recycling and re-using products has a large impact on reducing waste. Please ensure that all waste that can be recycled is placed in the appropriate bins. This will help make sure that recyclable items do not end up as landfill. We encourage you to pass unwanted items on to friends or charities where possible; this helps us reduce wastage. Click here to read more about Yarra City Council’s recycling guidelines.
Yarra Council has a collection depot at 168 Roseneath Street, Clifton Hill. You can dispose of standard recycling items and specialty items at this location – please consider using this facility if you have items that are difficult to recycle from home. Click here to read more.